"Steelworkers in Alma are waging a just and principled battle. The Steelworkers union is prepared to wage this battle not only in this region but everywhere that Rio Tinto operates across the globe, with the support of our fellow workers across North America and around the world." - Daniel Roy, Quebec Director, United Steelworkers

The History

Illegal Lockout

Close to midnight on December 30, 2011, after many hours of contract negotiation, Rio Tinto Alcan illegally locked out the workers at its smelter in Alma, Que., 24 hours before it had the legal right to do so.

The Issues

Preserving good jobs for the future

Workers at Rio Tinto Alcan’s (RTA) aluminum smelter in Alma, Que., are not demanding higher wages or enhanced benefits. Their primary concern is protecting jobs for future generations. Rio Tinto wants to use more subcontractors to replace the good jobs of unionized workers as they retire.

Rio Tinto’s lockout is an attack on working families and communities. We choose to fight to protect good jobs for future generations!